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GEAQUELLO® Cable Sealing System
Safety has become one of the primary subjects of shipbuilding nowadays. Cable ducts are known to be an easy way for fire, gasses and fumes to spread to adjacent rooms.

GEAQUELLO® Cable Sealing is a fireproof, gas- and watertight system for cable penetrations. Once filled with GEAQUELLO® sealing compound, cable ducts are no longer weak spots between compartments.

GEAQUELLO® can be used regardless of the shape and dimensions of a cable duct. It is easy to use, non-toxic, environmentally harmless and is approved by the world's major ships classification societies for A-60 cable penetrations.

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Click here to view the brochure "GEAQUELLO E950 sealing systems - Application notes"

Safety sheets:
Click here to view the safety datasheet for sealing compound E950
Click here to view the safety datasheet for swell module R312/R380
Click here to view the safety datasheet for impregnating fluid E824

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Certificates of Approval:
Certificates of Approval from the major ships classification societies are available for download.

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