SAM Electronics receives Newbuild order for 3 Cargo Vessels

SAM Electronics Nederland is proud to be a key supplier of the Reestborg, Reggeborg and Roerborg 
the newest cargo vessels of the Dutch Shipping Company Wagenborg.

We have installed on these three vessels, our new NACOS Platinum Series, the 
next-generation of integrated Navigation, Automation and Control Systems.
NACOS Platinum provides the full range of functionality for vessels of all 
types and sizes and offers unprecedented levels of usability and scalability. 
Moreover, any system within the NACOS Platinum series can be easily expanded, 
upgraded or modified to provide increased functionality.
The versatility of the NACOS Platinum Series is illustrated by the new IP-radar, 
which is direct connected to the SAM Platinum network enables the complete radar 
image to be accessible from any Platinum workstation. Similarly, the ECDIS display 
can be made available for viewing on a Platinum workstation either in the engine 
control room, in the Captain’s office, or in public rooms of the ship.
Based on the new NACOS Platinum platform, SAM Electronics solutions can range from 
a small alarm system or a stand-alone ECDIS, up to very large and complex 
configurations for highly advanced ships.

SAM Electronics Platinum Series on board of the REGGEBORG is based on identical 
components and utilizing a common network supporting the complete portfolio of 
Radar and ECDIS displays. Resulting to an innovative system which is efficient and 
satisfactory to use and providing unrivalled overview and simplicity of operation, 
the system enables the crew to concentrate on operating the REGGEBORG safely without 
any undue distraction or stress.

Scope of supply:
The package of navigational aids and electronic communications systems GMDSS A3, 
supplied by SAM-Electronics Nederland BV, includes the following main components:

Navigation equipment :
- One (1) X-Band MULTIPILOT Platinum with 5 ft. scanner and 26” Widescreen
- One (1) S-Band MULTIPILOT Platinum with 14 ft. scanner and 26” Widescreen
- Two (2) ECDIS Platinum and 26” Widescreen
- One (1) TRACKPILOT Platinum, Track Keeping Control System
- One (1) AIS SAM 3410, fully integrated into NACOS Platinum
- One (1) Speedlog SAM 4642
- One (1) Echo sounder SAM 4610 with 100 kHz transducer
- One (1) Voyage Data Recorder SAM 4350
- One (2) (D)GPS receiver / SIMRAD MX510
- One (1) Wind measuring system Observator OMC118 + OMC139

Gyro package:
- One (1) Gyro/Satellitecompass system / Anschütz, Standard 22 with repeaters
- One Magnetic compass system / Anschütz.

GMDSS RADIO Station to full fill the requirements of GMDSS to
IMO/SOLAS 74 for sea area A1, A2, A3 :
- One (1) MF/ HF SSB/DSC radio telephone SAM 6310
- Two (2) VHF/DSC radio telephones SAM 6222 
- Two (2) Inmarsat-C terminals SAM 6110 (one terminal with SSAS and LRIT)
- Two (2) Radar transponders systems KANNAD
- One (1) Navtex SAM 2918
- Three (3) GMDSS handheld VHF sets SAM SP3520

Additional Communication and entertainment equipment :
- One (1) VHF/DSC radio telephone SAM 6210
- Four (4) Handheld VHF sets  SAM SP3510
- One (1) Inmarsat fleet system SAM “Broadband 500”
- One (1) Weatherfax SAM 2653
- KVH M9 SAT TV System, incl. control unit, multi-switch and 
satellite tuners.
- KVH V7IP VSAT System, incl. control unit, modem, ethernet switch and telephone

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